Peter Walker Photographer

Intelligent Octopus - Nine Brains, 2015

Why are we fascinated by octopus? Since the beginning of civilisation, octopus have been part of our legends, our decorations and our diet. Aristotle and Jules Verne wrote about octopus. Are we fascinated because octopus look like aliens? Nothing else looks anything like them. Is it because we’ve always sensed their intelligence? Or do we automatically fear them? Maybe all of the above.

In recent years, we’ve learned even more about octopus. And the more we’ve learned, the more fascinating they’ve become.

Learn about their blue blood and triple hearts, or their multiple brains. Be fascinated by their evolutionary history, beating us to intelligence by millions of years. Be shocked by murder. Be impressed by a mother who sacrifices her own life for her children. Or be amazed by the variety of problems they've learned to solve in their very short life spans.

Thirty minutes of documentary footage and narration about this fascinating creature.

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