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Peter Walker was born in Leeds, England in 1957. At the age of eight he migrated with his family to Queensland, Australia. These early years were spent in the sun, sand and surf of the beautiful Queensland coast.

After completing his studies in the late 1970s, he set off to explore the world. Peter’s first port of call was India, where he arrived in the middle of the night. On the flight to India, he had bought an Olympus OM1 camera in Hong Kong airport. Upon waking, he explored the surrounding streets of New Delhi and was fascinated by an environment that was so visually different from Australia that he doubted whether anyone at home would believe him, even if he was able to adequately describe what he saw. He started to capture it all on film and his fascination with photography commenced.

Over the years, Peter has travelled extensively both for pleasure and career and always one or more cameras have travelled with him. He has photographed in Thailand, Laos, Cambodia, Burma, Vietnam, Malaysia, Indonesia, Philippines, Micronesia, Singapore, Hong Kong, China, Taiwan, Korea, Japan, Canada, America, England, France, Italy, Austria, Monaco, Czechoslovakia, Germany, Greece, Switzerland, Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Vanuatu, Solomon Islands, Fiji, Mauritius, India, Nepal, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, New Zealand and, of course, Australia.

Combining his two main hobbies, scuba diving and photography, in 1985 Peter commenced underwater photography. He often adds his underwater camera and dive gear to his travel baggage. Underwater photography is a complex pursuit, where one must balance diving skills and safety with photography in a difficult alien environment.  In 2003, Peter migrated into underwater videography, as he felt that this could more-effectively capture the fluidity and motion of the underwater environment.

In addition to travel and underwater photography, Peter does some portrait work.

Peter has had articles and photographs published in several books and magazines. In 1990, he completed a "Photographic Study of Vietnam", a collection of photographs around Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh City and Vung Tao, which was later published in a brochure by the Tourism Ministry of Vietnam. During 3 years in India, Peter developed a complete photographic and text book covering many aspects of India, from north to south and east to west.

Recognising early the importance of the internet, Peter launched one of the world’s first photographic websites in 1996. In 1999, Peter collaborated with 9 other photographers to produce a photography book on the heritage sites of Southeast Asia.  In 2000, Peter’s work was published in the prestigious Hasselblad Forum magazine.  During 2005, Peter and a group of diving friends, produced a documentary video and DVD on the wreck of the Steamship Suddhadib, much of which was shot underwater in the Gulf of Siam. 

In 2008, another underwater video project produced the “Save the Coral Reef of Thailand” video which was distributed to schools all over Thailand.  In 2009, Peter continued the environmental theme with “A Day in the Life of Eco-Diver”, designed to teach scuba divers how to better protect coral reefs. In 2012, Peter produced a documentary video on the "Gentle Giants of Cenderawasih Bay, an ecotourism story of whale sharks and fishermen.

Peter's recent "eco-documentary" project, a video demonstrating the importance of marine parks, brings together recent scientific research with visible evidence that a greater number of larger, better-managed marine parks can have a significant economic upside. Just completed an educational documentary about the intelligence of octopus.

Peter currently lives in Thailand and Singapore. He continues to be excited by the wonderful world of photography and enjoys scuba diving with either a camera or video camera.

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